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Film Review - Fatale


After turning a profit with their low-budget offering from 2019, “The Intruder,” director Deon Taylor and screenwriter David Loughery have teamed up again for other generic offering in “Fatale.” These guys don’t enjoy pushing themselves when it comes to a creative approach to thriller cinema, and while “The Intruder” didn’t do anything with its crazy-stalker-on-the-loose premise, “Fatale” does even less with its take on “Fatal Attraction” formula. A growing sense of unease never arrives in the picture, examining one adulterer’s fight to keep his one-night stand from ruining his life, with Loughery coming up short on ideas for suspense sequences and troubling confrontations. Taylor is basically asleep behind the camera, giving the endeavor a Lifetime Movie vibe with flat performances and no particular sense of style. Read the rest at


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