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Blu-ray Review - The Naughty Victorians


1975's "The Naughty Victorians" is an adaptation of the 1908 novel, "The Way of a Man with a Maid." The book detailed the appetites of a gentleman named Jack who lured female victims into a private room known as "The Snuggery," exposing panicked ladies to all sorts of bondage devices while raping them. Why this material needed to be turned into a movie is a question for writer/director Robert Sickinger, who chases the porno chic movement of the decade with "The Naughty Victorians," trying to deliver a regal atmosphere of pained seduction, complete with broad acting and Gilbert and Sullivan on the soundtrack. I'm not convinced the feature is the refined erotic experience Sickinger imagines it to be, but he deserves some credit for his attempt to soften the hard edges of the source material, turning a parade of humiliation into a revenge film of sorts. Read the rest at


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