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Film Review - Welcome to Sudden Death


2020 has introduced some extreme weirdness into our lives, coming through with constant surprises. I doubt few could’ve predicted the film year would involve the release of a comedic remake of “Sudden Death,” a 1995 “Die Hard” riff starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. Losing the original star, the producers bring in a different tough guy, Michael Jai White, to topline another tale concerning the terrorist takeover of a sporting event, forcing one security guard to protect an arena of spectators and his children. Van Damme’s thriller involved hockey playoffs, but “Welcome to Sudden Death” is about a basketball game – a sport that doesn’t even have a sudden death tiebreaker scenario. Careful attention to detail is missing from the do-over, which isn’t too concerned with polish, instead trying to give the VOD audience and their already lowered expectations a cheap-looking ride of fights and one-liners. Read the rest at


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