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Film Review - You Cannot Kill David Arquette


“You Cannot Kill David Arquette” welcomes viewers into the world of the titular actor as he tries to shake up his stagnant life with a return to the weirdness of professional wrestling. If you weren’t aware David Arquette was once a pro-wrestler, don’t feel too bad, nobody really did, with the actor claiming the WCW heavyweight championship title in 2000, forever marked as a fake titan of the squared circle. Following the “sports entertainment” lead of pro-wrestling, there’s nothing particularly real about “You Cannot Kill David Arquette,” with directors David Darg and Price James eschewing a firm documentarian focus to make a reality television pilot for the once and future Deputy Dewey. It’s a fairly obvious submission of career rehabilitation, with Arquette trying to downplay the circus his life has been for the last two decades by…jumping right back into the circus. Read the rest at


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