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Film Review - Hard Kill


Actor Bruce Willis and director Matt Eskandari have a friendly relationship, as “Hard Kill” is their third collaboration in the last year. And by collaboration, I mean Eskandari is in charge of creating low-budget mayhem while Willis sits comfortably somewhere away from the action, collecting what I assume to be a sizable paycheck. They teamed for “Trauma Center” and the reasonably engaging “Survive the Night,” but they press their luck with “Hard Kill,” which puts in next to no effort when it comes to creating even basic suspense or excitement. It’s a siege picture in a way, with the helmer in charge of making pennies spent on the production look like dimes. The production doesn’t have any fresh ideas or, at times, basic competency, staying weirdly small with a plot that welcomes a grander feel for B-movie escapism. Read the rest at


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