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Blu-ray Review - Raw Courage


"Raw Courage" demands a lot from its audience just from the main title sequence. One of the first images in the picture is a shot of Ronny Cox spreading Vaseline on his crusty feet, working the substance around his toes and into the skin. There's a point to it, as the actor portrays a long- distance runner preparing for an extended marathon, but it's quite the introduction, offering a harrowing visual before the rest of the film has a chance to get going, with subsequent frights not quite as potent as a greasy Cox foot. Thankfully, "Raw Courage" stays away from corn chip toenails for the rest of the feature, which is actually an effective B-movie that pits athletes against militia morons in the vast New Mexico desert, taking in all the hostility and panic such a premise provides. Perhaps foot fetishists might get a little more out of the endeavor than most, but the effort connects as low-budget escapism, doing well with most chases and levels of characterization. Read the rest at


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