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Blu-ray Review - V: The Final Battle


When it aired in May, 1983, "V" was an instant hit for NBC, with the network's careful promotional push, teasing the dickens out of the production, actually paying off, securing a large viewership for the two-part miniseries. The Kenneth Johnson creation made its way into the pop culture conversation, and the conclusion of "V" presented a tempting opening for a sequel, with the Resistance sending signals into deep space, hoping to attract the attention of an alien nation capable of triggering an independence day for Earth, taking care of the Visitors, ending their dastardly plans to strip the planet of its water and feast on its population. NBC immediately ordered a follow-up, only Johnson's vision for the next chapter was dismissed, with executives more interested in keeping things earthbound, reluctant to pay for an intergalactic battle royal. One year later, "V: The Final Battle" was unleashed on the public, with the story beefed up to a three-night stand (Part 1 – 90:13, Part 2 – 92:06, Part 3 – 84:59), while the story, now stripped of mystery, turns to war, eschewing Johnson's vision to stage chases and encourage more exploitative elements. It's all tremendously fun and a teensy bit lurid, and while "V: The Final Battle" isn't as passionate a project as its predecessor, it remains an active and invested continuation of the original series. And there's a character named Ham. What more do you need? Read the rest at


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