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Film Review - Ordinary Love


Directors Lisa Barros D’Sa and Glenn Leyburn don’t take it easy on their audience with “Ordinary Love.” It’s a tough sit, charting the progression of a breast cancer diagnosis shared between a loving couple who’ve already been through enough hell during their life together, newly attacked by a discovery that pulls them through the gears of the medical industry and the pushes the limits of their emotional health. With such a subject matter, D’Sa and Leyburn have a distinct creative challenge, tasked with making the odyssey compelling despite the inherent discomfort of it all. Mercifully, “Ordinary Love” is a thoughtful study of a relationship tested and reinforced, with screenwriter Owen McCafferty making sure to communicate the little moments of feeling without burying the whole thing in melodrama. It’s heartbreaking, but never calculating, paying close attention to character as it paints a larger portrait of health care and partnership. Read the rest at


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