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Film Review - In Fabric


In 2012, writer/director Peter Strickland created a tribute to the art of giallo in “Berberian Sound Studio,” and he returns to open fields of madness with “In Fabric,” which provides an even stranger viewing experience. Strickland is confident with style, going all-in on surreal imagery to best disturb his audience, this time assembling a chiller about a haunted dress and the lives it ruins in the most peculiar ways. “In Fabric” isn’t something to be approached casually, requiring a special level of patience with Strickland’s indulgences and curiosity with the material’s often inscrutable mysteries. It’s certainly gorgeous to look at, with lavish attention to cinematography, makeup, and costume design, and it carries its perversity well for an hour. It’s the second half of the picture that doesn’t come across as essential, weakening the spell Strickland is hoping to cast. Read the rest at


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