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Film Review - Black and Blue


Four months ago, director Deon Taylor (“Meet the Blacks”) was in theaters with “The Intruder.” While presented with the basic idea of a stalker chiller, Taylor couldn’t bring the film to a boil, preferring to linger on needless stupidity and arrange ineffective suspense sequences. He’s back with “Black and Blue,” another stab at exploitation formula, this time crudely using rising tensions with police activity and responsibility in America to backdrop a manhunt movie. Unwilling to truly dig into law enforcement issues, Taylor and screenwriter Peter A. Dowling (“Flightplan”) go generic, arranging a pedestrian chase picture that’s always throttling momentum to spend time with moronic characters and their inability to make simple things happen. There’s no snowballing sense of fun here, as Taylor goes dour and dim, robbing the feature of any potential action highlights. Read the rest at


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