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Blu-ray Review - Iron Warrior


After directing two features concerning the exploits of Ator, a barbarian-style warrior in a barren fantasy land, director Joe D'Amato elected to stand down as the guide on this B-movie tour. 1987's "Iron Warrior" returns to the world of Ator and his sluggish instincts, with Alfonso Brescia taking control of the franchise, making his mark by changing almost everything about the saga, with the exception of actor Miles O'Keeffe, who's called in to do the hunky adventurer routine for another round of swordfights and princess rescue. Changing what wasn't really working to begin with isn't a problem, but Brescia goes above and beyond with "Iron Warrior," using this chance to craft a surreal odyssey into pure filmmaking, shedding logic, continuity, and storytelling to mount a semi-psychedelic exploration of witchcraft and Saturday matinee-style peril. There are numerous cinema tributes (or rip-offs) as well, keeping the viewing experience compelling as the helmer liberally takes from others while attempting to generate the most freewheeling Ator extravaganza yet. Read the rest at 


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