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Blu-ray Review - Darkroom


After tackling the nightmare of murder in a small-town house located near an orange grove in 1988's "Grandmother's House," producer Nico Mastorakis returns in 1989 with "Darkroom," which presents the horror of…murder in a small-town house located near an orange grove. I'll give Mastorakis this much: the man isn't afraid of repeating himself. Changing speeds from grandparent fears to photographic menace, Mastorakis and director Terrence O'Hara strive to make a proper slasher event with "Darkroom," unleashing various red herrings and exploring unusual personalities as they showcase a simple tale of serial killing, trying to remain with the basics to best survive the low-budget endeavor. There's blood and lust, death and betrayal, and if you happen to be a fan of California agriculture, the production has premiere orange grove action for all. Read the rest at


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