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Blu-ray Review - Grandmother's House


Peter Rader is best known as one of the screenwriters of "Waterworld," imagining a futureworld of aquatic misery, where a man with gills saves the planet from grimy, smoking baddies tearing around on jet skis. His directorial debut is 1988's "Grandmother's House," introducing himself with a much smaller endeavor, keeping action confined to the limits of a rural Californian orange grove. Rader's just getting started with "Grandmother's House," joining screenwriter Peter Jensen for a horror show concerning the troubles with senior citizens, a mystery woman, and the courtship rituals of oversexed teenagers. Apocalyptic visions of melting polar ice caps and drinkable urine will come later, but for this effort, Rader sticks to the basics of genre moviemaking. Read the rest at 


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