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After spending the last few decades playing uptight guys in mild comedies, Greg Kinnear has finally decided to become a director, putting himself in charge of “Phil,” also nabbing the lead role. One would think that with such creative authority, Kinnear might be interested in attempting something different, permitting himself to stretch as a performer. That doesn’t happen in the picture, but there is a level of darkness to “Phil” that’s mildly intriguing, as the story deals with the aftermath of a suicide and the plate-spinning panic of deception, only most of the screenplay by Stephen Mazur (“Jingle All the Way 2,” “Benchwarmers 2: Breaking Balls”) goes for jokes, attempting to whip up silly business to make sure the movie reaches the widest possible audience. It’s not without some charms, but the effort doesn’t ring with invention, as Kinnear plays it all too safe to protect himself. Read the rest at


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