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Film Review - Room for Rent


After making her mark with comedies in the 1990s, actress Lin Shaye found a fresh way to keep her career going in 2000s, becoming a fixture of horror entertainment, especially through her involvement with the “Insidious” features, making a franchise initially about other actors her own. She’s been terrific in these haunted house experiences, but “Room for Rent” isn’t looking for Shaye to stand still while nightmarish visions do all the heavy lifting. Director Tommy Stovall wants to keep Shaye active here, providing her with a meaty role as a seemingly simple woman who loses all contact with reality while managing a bed and breakfast. “Room for Rent” doesn’t ride off the rails like the best psychological thrillers, but it has Shaye, and she’s excellent here, supplying raw emotion and a credible nutso factor to help buttress the production when it eventually runs out of ideas. Read the rest at


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