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Film Review - Nobody's Fool


After a decade working with Lionsgate Films to build the Tyler Perry big screen brand, the mogul has decided to switch studios, with “Nobody’s Fool” his first release for Paramount, or “Paramount Players” (I’m not sure what that means). To mark the occasion, Perry has decided to unleash his first R-rated comedy, perhaps feeling left out of the raunchfest gold rush that’s been leading to diminishing returns at the box office in recent years. Perry’s always been off-trend, but he’s always been determined too, with “Nobody’s Fool” missing overt gross-outs, but it stays salty enough to earn its restriction. Not on the helmer’s to-do list is the manufacturing of a single punchline, instead keeping the cast in a state of frenzied improvisation, which leads to chaos and awkwardness, not laughs. It’s a new studio, but Perry remains fearful of planning scenes out ahead of time. Read the rest at 


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