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The guys in the Scandinavian comedy “Heavy Trip” aren’t just a heavy metal band, they play “symphonic, post-apocalyptic, reindeer-grinding, Christ-abusing, extreme war pagan, Fennoscandian metal.” It’s the level of specificity that that makes the feature a complete blast, with screenwriters Jukka Vidgren, Jari Olavi Rantala, Aleksi Puranen, and Juuso Laatio (who co-directs with Vidgren) making it a point to pick up on idiosyncrasy whenever they can, braiding oddity and cartoony antics effortlessly. “Heavy Trip” is hilarious and a valentine to the primal release of black metal, but the filmmaking presented here takes special care of character and situation, keeping to classic comedy rhythms while going very particular with musical interests and cultural immersion, ending up with a wonderfully unique endeavor.  Read the rest at


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