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Film Review - The Padre


Director Jonathan Sobol was last seen in theaters with “The Art of the Steal,” a heist comedy that tried to play in the same sandbox Guy Ritchie and Steven Soderbergh often reside in. The results weren’t perfect, but the picture maintained appeal, eased along with a lively sense of mischief (having Kurt Russell around certainly helped). Sobol sobers up some with “The Padre,” a darker take on the manhunt routine that never wants to play as bleak as it initially seems. Sobol tries to keep the film approachable as it details grim events and greets questionable characters, and he achieves a good portion of his tonal goals. Acting efforts from Nick Nolte, Tim Roth, and Valeria Henriquez help the cause, but “The Padre” gets by on screen energy, keeping chases and intimidations close as a revenge story transforms into road journey before morphing into heist movie. Read the rest at


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