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Film Review - Reprisal


Director Brian A. Miller is just one of those people who manages to work their way into job opportunities despite having difficulty proving their aptitude for the job. The helmer of B-movies such as “Officer Down,” “Vice,” “The Outsider,” and “The Prince,” Miller issues another nondescript title in “Reprisal,” a film which contains little to no reprisal. Instead, the effort throws around car chases and tough guys, with Miller laboring to transform a wafer-thin script by Bryce Hammons into a meaty actioner, using every trick in the no-budget book, even periodic incoherence. “Reprisal” is dopey and dull, but Miller isn’t capable of much more than that, piecing together a feature most viewers have already seen before, only cliches are rendered half-speed for some strange reason, making the brief run time feel punishingly long.  Read the rest at


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