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Film Review - Pick of the Litter


Dog movies are plentiful these days, and most of these productions reaching for cheap sentimentality to connect with audiences, going saccharine with pooches make sure the endeavor is loved no matter the actual quality of the film. With “Pick of the Litter,” directors Don Hardy Jr. and Dana Nachman avoid dramatic manipulation to make a documentary about the raising and training of guide dogs for the blind, putting their faith into the inherent emotion and suspense of canines put to the test, with hopes they have a future as a powerful companion for the sight impaired. “Pick of the Litter” isn’t about adorable close-ups (although there are plenty of those) and tragedies, offering a more procedural examination of what it takes to develop the right stuff in rambunctious puppies who live to play but are tasked to learn the extraordinary discipline required for one of the most important jobs a dog can have.  Read the rest at


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