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Film Review - Mara


The trials of sleep paralysis have risen in popularity with filmmakers, with most looking at the innate horror of a situation where a sleeper has no mobility but full awareness when visited by torturous visions. 2015’s “The Nightmare” did an effective job creating a visual representation of the event, helping outsiders understand exactly what happens when sleep paralysis kicks in, and how it creates a terrifying vulnerability against imagined evil. “Mara” hopes to use such panicked stillness to fuel a horror endeavor, rejecting science and study to make a straightforward demonic visitation event. “Mara” has a host of problems that prevent it from achieving scares, with its primary sin being a general lack of suspense, with director Clive Tonge using formula instead of ingenuity in an attempt to generate a sufficiently disturbing sit.  Read the rest at


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