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Eight years ago, Panos Cosmatos made his directorial debut with “Beyond the Black Rainbow.” The film was a brain-bleeder of the highest order, oozing with style and soaking in the juices of psychedelia, with Cosmatos bending cinema to aid in his mission to disturb audiences with unusual visions and atypical screen intensity. He’s back with “Mandy,” which is a slightly more linear tale of a mental breakdown, but Cosmatos doubles down on wild imagery and extreme violence, taking the audience on a ride into Hell in a manner that’s greatly unsettling and massively thrilling, especially for those who embraced the outer limits of “Beyond the Black Rainbow.” “Mandy” is specialized work, but it’s a doozy, cutting through the cosmic cream with nightmare realms, monstrous encounters, and a path of revenge that literally tears people apart. Maybe Cosmatos doesn’t know when to quit, but he’s making movies on a whole other level of consciousness. Read the rest at 


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