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Writer Nick Hornby has a specific vision for his relationship stories, taking a look at wounded hearts often with the help of music, adding another level of communication as characters struggle to express themselves. As an author, Hornby has delivered “High Fidelity” and “About a Boy,” and now there’s “Juliet, Naked,” which is perhaps the most autopilot-y of Hornby’s work, but remains inviting for the first half. Director Jesse Peretz (who hasn’t made a movie since 2011’s “Our Idiot Brother”) arranges a soft and amusing overview of characters in professional and personal limbo, and when “Juliet, Naked” focuses on the slow build-up of trust between the lead characters, there’s plenty here that’s engaging. Peretz and the screenwriters (Evgenia Peretz, Jim Taylor, and Tamara Jenkins) can’t shake a few of Hornby’s less successful ideas, but they get the feature off to a strong start, which helps the production coast to the finish line.  Read the rest at


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