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Blu-ray Review - Pets


The cover art for 1973's "Pets" displays the lead actress, Candace Rialson, with a dog collar around her neck, chained up inside a cage while a malevolent hand grips a bullwhip behind her, as though punishment was about to commence. It's a provocative image, and one that's mirrored briefly in the picture's opening. However, the movie isn't that precise in its repellent exploitation interests, saving all the human bondage material for the last reel. The journey there is slightly sunnier, with co-writer/director Raphael Nussbaum creating an odyssey of innocence corrupted for "Pets," which plays like a folk song about a troubled girl and all the predators she encounters along the way. There's definitely unsavory business to tend to in the feature, but the marketing oversells the viewing experience, which is much more melodramatic than it seems, helping to make it an interesting effort.  Read the rest at


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