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Blu-ray Review - Deadly Daphne's Revenge


It's never a smart move to believe marketing efforts from Troma Films. They're not a studio known for their integrity, frequently using any means necessary to squeeze a few bucks out of potential viewers. 1987's "Deadly Daphne's Revenge" (actually shot in 1979 and titled "The Hunting Season" on the Blu-ray) is notable for featuring very little Deadly Daphne during its run time. Sure, she's seeking revenge, but the emphasis of the title and the horror come-on of the cover art suggests a thorough genre exercise to come. Instead, "Deadly Daphne's Revenge" is more of a legal program from the 1970s, offering only a single scene pertaining to the titular villain's personal war. It's a big time switcheroo, used to help a tepid drama sneak through horror hound interest filters, promising them carnage, but delivering mostly banal conversations.  Read the rest at


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