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Blu-ray Review - Blood Suckers from Outer Space


1984's "Blood Suckers from Outer Space" (or "Bloodsuckers," with two spellings of the title acceptable it seems -- not even the production has a definitive answer) is intended to be a satire of drive-in sci-fi/horror pictures from the 1950s and '60s. It has all the ingredients to work, delivering a tale of mysterious events occurring in a small Texas town, and one populated with all types of oddballs and freaks. The action is contained to a few locations, and make-up achievements are enjoyably exaggerated. Writer/director Glen Coburn has the right idea, and he almost connects with the feature, which offers intermittent delights while it tries to generate significant silliness without the benefit of refined screenwriting or professional actors. "Blood Suckers from Outer Space" has its appealing limitations, and Coburn is clearly reaching for a specific tone with the work, keeping the whole production cheery and loopy enough to pass. Bellylaughs are nonexistent, but chuckles are triggered along the way. Read the rest at 


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