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Film Review - Zoe


It’s only natural to find filmmakers gravitating towards stories about artificial intelligence, with concerns about the creation of synthetic humans developing into headline news. For screenwriters Richard Greenberg and Drake Doremus (who also directs), the strange landscape of A.I. provides inspiration for “Zoe,” which isn’t a tech thriller or a doomsday event, instead taking a look at the manufacturing of companionship and feelings for a future society that’s gone numb to the ways of organic connection. It’s timely work and the writers have a fantastic idea to develop, especially when examining how humans would choose to create a partner instead of find one. “Zoe” gets most of the way there, but Doremus doesn’t know when to quit with this drama, which eventually spirals out of control, losing concentration on the very ideas that offered it originality and intriguing reflection on trends of loneliness.  Read the rest at


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