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By the mid-1990s, Antonio Banderas was a highly respected actor in his native Spain, having built his reputation working with esteemed directors such as Pedro Almodovar. However, an itch to join the Hollywood elite proved impossible to ignore, with Banderas trying to make his mark on bigger projects, including "The Mambo Kings," "Philadelphia," and "Interview with the Vampire." 1995's "Two Much" represents a bridge built between his previous achievements in European cinema and his California dreaming, putting the actor in the middle of a semi-farce with two actresses clearly unfit for the thespian challenge. Banderas isn't to blame for the general lethargy of "Two Much," as he gives an engaged performance. However, director Fernando Trueba doesn't know exactly what he wants from the PG-13 picture, which doesn't offer much more than tedious antics, dreary line-readings, and a distinct lack of heat between the star and his leading ladies. It's all meant to be a rollicking good time, but the feature doesn't have the refinement to become anything more than a chore to watch. Read the rest at 


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