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Blu-ray Review - Misterjaw


Following their work on "The Dogfather," DePatie-Freleng elected to try their luck again in the world of movie parodies, unleashing 1976's "Misterjaw" on audiences still fired up over "Jaws" mania from the previous summer. There's not much here that delivers on Spielbergian monkey business, with the production keeping to the basics with this mild Looney Tunes riff, creating a Road Runner vs. Coyote dynamic for the titular character and a tiny fish he's determined to consume, despite getting smashed, crashed, and humiliated along the way. In the overall DePatie-Freleng oeuvre, "Misterjaw" ranks fairly low, as repetition and a general absence of thought over to what to do with a comedic shark makes 34 episodes of this series wearying at times. There's a sound-alike "Jaws" theme that opens every short, but overall, the material tends to be more about physical comedy and chases than a robust pantsing of a movie phenomenon.  Read the rest at 


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