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Film Review - The Jurassic Games


As the world awaits the release of “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,” there’s some time beforehand for a B-movie to sneak in and attempt to steal a little of its thunder. “The Jurassic Games” isn’t going to wow viewers with cinematic craftsmanship or sharp screenwriting, but as a slippery actioner with a limited budget, the picture provides some entertainment value, especially for those who enjoy the occasional insanity VOD releases provide. More “Running Man” than Spielberg, “The Jurassic Games” tries to give viewers an exciting ride with aggressive types and CGI predators, and with lowered expectations, it comes together intermittently, especially when co-writer/director Ryan Bellgardt leans into the potential of the premise, delivering violent game show challenges and roaring assassins from the titular age.  Read the rest at 


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