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No matter the limited box office potential of the subject, filmmakers love the story of Pablo Escobar. He’s a special figure in South American criminal history, with the reach of his influence legendary, giving writers and directors plenty of violent incidents to choose from. After “Escobar: Paradise Lost,” “The Infiltrator,” and even television’s “Narcos” comes “Loving Pablo,” which sounds like the stuff of a romance novel, but helmer Fernando Leon de Aranoa (“Mondays in the Sun,” “A Perfect Day”) once again details Escobar’s vicious ways with enemies and confidants, working through familiar acts of brutality and intimidation to basically recount the rise and fall of a cocaine kingpin. The twist here is a female perspective, with Escobar’s short-term lover sharing her tale of seduction and agony, handing de Aranoa just enough reason to rehash The Escobar Experience for viewers who haven’t tired of this stuff.  Read the rest at


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