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It’s easy to see why John Travolta wanted to play John Gotti. It’s a chance to portray a unique figure in criminal history, with the real Gotti a tough guy who thrived on dominance, developing from a man of presence to one of power. “Gotti” the movie merely cherry picks the most Scorsese-esque parts of the mob boss’s life to create a greatest hits viewing experience that’s often randomly photographed and glued together with pop music. Travolta has all the enthusiasm in the world, but there’s no place to put it in “Gotti,” which is a sloppily directed, poorly scripted endeavor that stumbles where other productions have strutted. There are 44 credited producers on the picture (good. lord.), and not one person had the nerve to question just what kind of derivative, borderline nonsensical film was being made. Read the rest at 


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