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I’m sure the behind-the-scenes story on “Hell’s Kitty” is far more interesting than tale presented onscreen. Writer/director/star Nicholas Tana is hunting for a paycheck, looking for money he couldn’t find on the internet with his web series, “Hell’s Kitty,” turning his attention to the glory of feature-length filmmaking, only he doesn’t actually have new ideas to share. The movie is stitched together from episodes of the show, displaying little regard for continuity or coherence, with Tana struggling to cover the seams. The gimmick here is the hiring of horror stars to basically recreate some of their most famous roles, and that’s where expectation levels should remain, as Tana does manage to coax a few recognizable faces back in front of a camera. What he forgets to secure are technical achievements and a narrative direction, making the endeavor more valuable as a nostalgia trip than a genre event.  Read the rest at


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