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As a character, Woody Woodpecker has always been a rascally creature, bordering on insanity during his early years as a cartoon creation, masterminded by Walter Lantz and Ben Hardaway. In “Woody Woodpecker,” a 2018 effort to revive the looney bird for modern audiences, there’s a scene where Woody farts out his theme song. This is not progress. Attempting to marry live-action and CGI animation in a way that made 2010’s “Yogi Bear” some money, “Woody Woodpecker” is a fairly unendurable creation from a production team that probably has reverence for the colorful icon, but no idea how to translate ink and paint antics to the real world, electing to go as crude and obvious as possible just to get a reaction from younger viewers. “Woody Woodpecker” is bad, real bad, and its hunger to scrape the bottom of the barrel for humor is downright depressing to watch. Read the rest at


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