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Directors of “Daybreakers” and “Predestination,” Michael and Peter Spierig tainted their promise with last year’s “Jigsaw,” their surprisingly lifeless attempt to resuscitate the “Saw” franchise. It felt like a creative bump in the road for the talented filmmaker duo at the time, but with “Winchester,” disappointment may be their new reality. After delivering all the agony and bloodshed with “Jigsaw,” the Spierigs restrain themselves with their latest picture, orchestrating a PG-13 ghost story that’s more about spooky encounters and exposition than sophisticated suspense. Unfortunately, “Winchester” is a drag, and while it retains visual potency, the screenplay never comes together in an exciting manner, unable to escalate with intrigue and frights as the Spierigs labor to sell a mystery that’s not very gripping to begin with. Read the rest at


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