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Film Review - Scorched Earth


When one considers the potential of a dystopian actioner with heavy western influences, Peter Howitt, the helmer of “Sliding Doors” and “Johnny English,” is not the first director that comes to mind to help bring it to life. Perhaps trying to shake up his filmography, Howitt should be commended for trying something new, but his command over “Scorched Earth” is difficult to discern, as the feature tries to do too much with a limited budget and thespian skill. The ingredients are there for something interesting, with screenwriters Kevin Leeson and Bobby Mort concocting a cold-blooded revenge saga with weird poisoned future touches, but Howitt hangs on for dear life, out of his element when it comes to the construction of stunt sequences and the summoning of real grit, scratching the gallop right out of “Scorched Earth.”  Read the rest at


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