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Nostalgia is a powerful feeling, triggering a range of emotions as encounters with items or events invite a flood of memories, which can sometimes be an unwelcome development. Screenwriter Alex Ross Perry (“Queen of Earth”) and director Mark Pellington (“Henry Poole is Here”) come to “Nostalgia” with a profound interest in the anguish remembrance inspires, working to craft a haunting poem to the process of reflection, mixing a series of thousand yard stares with episodic storytelling that’s depressing to watch. Not that sadness isn’t welcome, but the production’s approach to communicating pain is to make an irritatingly protracted movie that lacks refined editing and necessary bits of sunshine to help illuminate depths of darkness. “Nostalgia” is a rough sit, and while it initially seems that Perry and Pellington have a master plan for their relay race of misery, it doesn’t take long to realize that they don’t.  Read the rest at


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