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“Annihilation” is the second directorial effort from Alex Garland, who issued “Ex Machina” in 2015, starting a career that’s apparently going to specialize in deeply unnerving sci-fi. Already an established screenwriter (with credits such as “Sunshine,” “28 Days Later,” and “Never Let Me Go”), Garland’s helming interests have been drawn to nightmares, first with the lure of A.I., and now the end of the world. “Annihilation” isn’t easily digestible or even quickly identifiable, but it’s hypnotic and, at times, quite frightening, with Garland trying his hand at an alien invasion story that offers no defined antagonist for much of its run time, requiring the audience to take a journey, often to places they won’t want to go. While “Ex Machina” was modest but disturbing, Garland attempts a bigger canvas for his idiosyncratic ways, coming up with a humdinger of a horror show that’s sure to be polarizing, but difficult to shake. Read the rest at


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