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With the career of Woody Allen, there’s expectation for creative peaks and valleys, but lately, the writer/director has been stuck in a rut, serving up a series of clunkers after the stunning success of 2013’s “Blue Jasmine.” After “Magic in the Moonlight,” “Irrational Man,” and “Café Society,” Allen’s slump continues with “Wonder Wheel,” an ill-considered take on romantic folly and dramatic invention. Allen’s working with a significant budget to resurrect ‘50’s-era Coney Island, and he has a fabulously talented lead in Kate Winslet, but Allen being Allen, only the slightest attention has been paid to approachability, leaving “Wonder Wheel” amazingly unlikable and, periodically, unendurable. Allen likes to maintain his one-film-per-year pace, but there are scripts, like this one, that need a little more time in development.  Read the rest at


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