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Michael Shannon plays a lot of villains, currently in theaters as the heavy in Guillermo del Toro’s “The Shape of Water.” He also gravitates toward the mentally unstable, enjoying consistent employment portraying various men experiencing a crack in their sense of reality. Rarely does Shannon get to play a nice guy, which makes the overall disappointment with “Pottersville” all the more painful. Here’s a chance for Shannon to appear in a Capra-influenced fable about small town redemption, and director Seth Henrikson doesn’t have any idea what to do with the actor and the overall movie, which would rather linger on a character defecating in the woods than crank up the feelgoods. “Pottersville” is moronic and unfunny, leaving Shannon with nothing to do as he figures out how to portray a milquetoast man for a change. Read the rest at 


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