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2010’s “Skyline” was a low-budget alien invasion endeavor from the directors of “Alien vs. Predator: Requiem” (Greg and Colin Strause) It wasn’t intended to be much, but the film soon found itself picked up by Universal and offered a wide release, trying to tap into audience interest in all things kaboomy and apocalyptic. “Skyline” was met with vicious reviews and toxic word-of-mouth, but it was slightly profitable, assuring that the producers would likely take another chance on an iffy brand name. That it took seven years for “Beyond Skyline” to materialize is somewhat surprising, but there’s a unique challenge tied to the creation of this sequel: how does one make a follow-up to a movie that few people actually liked? The Brothers Strause have been demoted to producer status (they haven’t actually made another feature since “Skyline”), clearing way for Liam O’Donnell, the co-writer of the original effort, to make his directorial debut, and he’s determined to craft a simpler, more action-oriented, and slightly less stupid picture, trying to offer an apology for the mess he co-created years ago. Read the rest at


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