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Writer/director Ruben Ostlund made an art-house splash with 2014’s “Force Majeure.” A sharp look at relationship woes and the readjustment of patriarchal roles, the picture was emotionally authentic and dark, leaving any follow-up with the challenge of matching an original vision from a burgeoning filmmaker. “The Square” isn’t nearly as precise as “Force Majeure,” but Ostlund doesn’t make it easy for himself with this dissection of behavior, modern art, and the limits of patience. More episodic than focused, “The Square” emphasizes the helmer’s fascination with human response to troubling situations of misconduct and mistakes, attacking uncomfortable moments with a dark sense of humor and an indulgent run time (140 minutes). It’s certainly not a picture for everyone, but when Ostlund finds his footing, he creates periodic hilarity and a frighteningly accurate inspection of selfishness and poor decision-making skills.  Read the rest at


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