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A few years ago, director Joe Lynch crafted “Everly,” a low-budget actioner (starring Salma Hayek) that cut costs by staging chaos inside a single apartment location, requiring helming ingenuity to help shake up the inherent stasis of the setting. It didn’t work, but Lynch apparently loved the challenge, returning to basically the same idea for “Mayhem,” which is a low-budget actioner set inside an office building, with hellacious combat claiming one area of the building at a time. It’s a battle royal with business people, and Lynch loves to generate a big screen massacre, keeping things wet with blood and high in panic for “Mayhem,” a fatiguing effort that’s saved by a bright lead performance from Steven Yeun, an underutilized movie actor (best known for this work on “The Walking Dead”) who really should be a leading man in more pictures, confidently carrying a sense of humanity to help balance Lynch’s one-note hellraising.  Read the rest at


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