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Writer/director/star Marianna Palka knows that titling her latest endeavor “Bitch” is going to attract some attention. After all, this is the same filmmaker who arrived on the scene with the relationship drama, “Good Dick,” making provocative titles a practiced game for Palka. Thankfully, she can back up such mischief, creating a specialized take on the ways of neglect and depression with this strange but fascinating dramedy. “Bitch” is sure to launch 10,000 essays from bloggers everywhere, but the core experience of the movie supplies a fascinating understanding of mental fracture and repair, with Palka offering her unique take on gender and marital roles and the pain that builds up when respect and communication exit a relationship. She takes things to an extreme, yet her sense of intimacy remains powerful, cutting through a gimmick to identify relatable stress and conjure a startling feeling of hopelessness.  Read the rest at


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