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Film Review - 24 Hours to Live


“24 Hours to Live” is being sold as a spiritual sibling to the 2014 action bonanza, “John Wick,” with the productions sharing a few producers and a similar interest in the creation of screen havoc, preferably with as much ferocity as possible. However, “24 Hours to Live” isn’t actually a similar endeavor, eschewing one-man-army revenge steeliness for more of a chase throughout South Africa, while the plot leans more toward “Bourne Identity”-type of secret government cruelties. The picture wisely avoids replication to become its own bulldozing actioner with a slight sci-fi twist, and it benefits from Ethan Hawke’s participation, watching the actor commit in full to his character’s brawling abilities and moments of pained introspection, finding a soul to the effort before B-movie demands close in to claim it for good.  Read the rest at


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