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Blu-ray Review - The Good Son


It's interesting to watch "The Good Son" today, 24 years after its original theatrical release, which was pushed primarily as an opportunity to watch Macaulay Culkin, the cherubic star of "Home Alone," play a villain at the tender age of 12. There's no doubt curiosity fueled the feature's so-so box office gross, and likely influenced many reviews at the time that highlighted the movie's somewhat distasteful interest in the torment of children. Decades later, with Culkin permanently erased from pop culture consciousness, "The Good Son" lacks its most shocking element, emerging from the savagery of time as a tepid chiller with very little depth and a tedious concentration menacing faces from Culkin, who's way out of his range with the teeny-weeny serial killer role. It would certainly make a fascinating double bill with "Home Alone," but on its own, the effort is shallow and unremarkable.  Read the rest at


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