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Blu-ray Review - No Man's Land


The Charlie Sheen that existed before "Platoon" was a very different Charlie Sheen than what we have today. Once a hungry actor trying to make something of himself while stuck in the shadow of his thespian father, Martin, Charlie jumped from role to role, trying his hand at comedy ("Ferris Bueller's Day Off"), action ("Red Dawn"), and…whatever ("The Wraith"). 1987's "No Man's Land" was in production when "Platoon" dominated pop culture after its late 1986 release, and it showcases a growing confidence within the actor, who floated along for another year ("Three for the Road") before ascending to larger industry opportunities, such as "Wall Street," "Eight Men Out," and "Major League." Sheen's magnetism is undeniable in "No Man's Land," and he's a good reason to remain with the feature, which offers a routine but stylish take on an undercover cop saga, with director Peter Werner doing what he can to jazz up the effort with smash-em-up car chases, shootouts, and assorted criminal activity. It's not the freshest endeavor, but it does provide a look at the birth of Prime Sheen, smoking and wisecracking his way through a fairly unchallenging part.  Read the rest at


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