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Blu-ray Review - Hack-o-Lantern


Horror is synonymous with Halloween, but a few productions tend to take the connection literally. 1988's "Hack-O-Lantern" (a.k.a. "Halloween Night") is one of many slasher experiences set during the famous night of evildoing, and it makes an honest attempt to embrace the atmosphere of the evening with occult interests and the piling of dead bodies, looking to give fans a pleasing ride of creepy, campy encounters and some bloodshed. "Hack-O-Lantern" isn't always the most professionally crafted picture, but director Jag Mundhra (who passed away in 2011) has his heart in the right place, building a chiller that's full of diseased characters, Satanic panic (all the rage in the 1980s), and a climatic Halloween party, setting up a rudimentary but appropriately distracting genre offering. I don't think anyone will walk away from a viewing with a feeling of awe, but the movie is charmingly goofy and eventful.  Read the rest at


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