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This past week, director Tomas Alfredson went to the press to admit that his latest movie, “The Snowman,” doesn’t work. He’s not kidding. While it’s a rare move for a filmmaker to disparage his own picture before it’s fully released (shades of Josh Trank and “Fantastic Four”), Alfredson should be commended for his honesty, as the feature displays a shocking lack of coherence and suspense. Previously helming the sublime “Let the Right One In” and the complex “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,” it’s very strange to watch “The Snowman” fall apart almost immediately after it begins. It’s meant to be a franchise-starter, pulling inspiration from author Jo Nesbo and his Harry Hole detective series, but this is no way to start a big screen relationship. Alfredson goes in with the best intentions, but he ends up checking out long before the story reaches its non-conclusion.  Read the rest at


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