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Film Review - I Do...Until I Don't


Four years ago, “In a World…” turned actress Lake Bell into a writer/director. It was a valentine to the world of voiceover professionals and a neuroses-laden behavior from itchy characters, establishing Bell’s interest in feelings and mild jesting, though she was much better with confrontations than hugs. Bell returns to the power of ellipsis with “I Do…Until I Don’t,” which goes deeper into intimacy, this time taking on the brutality of marriage, exposing its nuance, hostilities, and strain of commitment, but with a pronounced comedic approach that find Bell in a Woody Allen mood, picking up on behaviors instead of giving her story a major presence. While her debut had charm to save it, “I Do…Until I Don’t” tries too hard to silly and sincere, finding Bell’s effort to preserve a causal vibe crushing its lasting appeal.  Read the rest at


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